Client Centered Wealth Management Solutions

Wealth management can look very different from person to person. We each have different goals, needs and expectations when it comes to this process.

My job in managing your wealth is to discover what this process looks like for you. In order to best understand your unique situation I have developed a process. This process begins by allowing us to get to know one another, including an in depth analysis of your current financial state. Next we will review and confirm your financial goals, set a path to reach them and address any concerns you may have. Implementing these goals can involve our team of RBC professional partners such as our Will and Estate Specialist, Private Banker and Financial Planner. Lastly, ongoing reviews set at mutually agreed upon intervals will ensure we remain flexible to any changes that may come our way while striving to reach your financial objectives over the long term.

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I invite you to contact us to learn more about our approach or schedule an appointment for a complimentary financial review. I look forward to helping you and your family discover and reach your financial potential.

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Paul Jokel, CIM, PFP

Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner


Mrs. Shawn E MacDonald

Administrative Assistant