Summer Update!

July 26, 2019 | Paul Hart


During our June event we discussed strategies business owners can implement to retain and attract employees by offering a strong and robust benefits plans. For most employees having a strong savings and benefits program in place is one of deciding factors when choosing an employer. This can be a huge advantage to employer when competing for employees or trying to attract new talent. Our guest speaker shared how RBC Insurance has been competing and helping business owners through high quality health and insurance plans. In this age where wellness and mental health dominate the news, it is important to make sure that employee benefit plans offer strategies and capabilities to handle situations as they arise. The RBC wellness programs focus on mental health and leading the industry with services available to employees are second to none. This is crucial as the number one reason why employees take time off work or go on disability is stress. We were also joined by of our RBC Group advantage partners that discussed the importance for business owners to offer Group RSP or pensions to their employees and the overall financial benefit and wellness that it offered to their staff. These are all key topics that business owners participating in event found important as success of the business depends on having capable and engaged employees. We are always happy to sit down to discuss how we can help business owners implement strategies to retain and attract the best talent. Please contact us to book the time.

Our recent July session delved into new world of analytics and artificial intelligence! Having access to the right data provides business owners with a competitive sales advantage in the market place. Our guest speaker, Head of RBC analytics for RBC Wealth Management, shares success stories how RBC has been able to help businesses and charities with regards to providing custom analytic strategies that can help to save time, increase sales and productivity. It was a very informative session that prompted insightful questions and discussion and raised awareness how RBC can offer value add services to business owners to help them to grow their practice beyond traditional wealth and investment management options.

Our seminar series will be returning in September as we take much needed break in August! We look forward to September event were we will be focusing on Estate Planning solutions. Please contact us to reserve a seat for September event. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Have a great rest of the summer and enjoy the weather as Fall is around the corner!