We’re here to protect what you have built, and build towards what you have yet to achieve

We take the time to learn your story because we’re passionate about people. As importantly, this deep understanding enables us to craft a personally-tailored investment portfolio with your priorities, family needs, and life ambitions as our guide.

Step 1

Your big-picture investment strategy

We start by understanding your financial needs and goals, your aspirations for the future, and your profile as an investor. Only then can we begin construction on a distinct and complete wealth strategy.

Step 2

Your goal-driven Investment Policy Statement

Next, we work closely with you to design the blueprint of your investment portfolio – something called an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS documents firm parameters — individual goals, comfort level with market risk, income requirements, and more – and allows us to create and maintain a truly personalized investment portfolio for your needs.

Step 3

Your personalized investment portfolio

Finally, we construct the portfolio – determining the right mix of investment types (stocks, bonds, etc.), and selecting high-quality businesses that generate profit, cash flow, dividends, and consistent growth. At this stage, we also compare notes with our combined networks of analysts and economists.

Step 4

Your peace of mind

Our investment experts, Paul Empringham and David Packham, spend their days following and analyzing the latest research, market trends, events, opportunities, and – most importantly – risks. As a licensed Portfolio Manager, Paul makes proactive investment decisions on your behalf, so you can rest assured your savings are positioned to weather whatever turbulence the markets may endure.

Investment philosophy

What’s your investment philosophy? It’s a great question, and one that Paul, our team’s founder and lead investment strategist, likes to answer with an analogy:

“Owning a rental property generates a certain income. It’s a long-term investment that, when maintained and in the right location, can provide predictable cash flow to grow your wealth and sustain your lifestyle. There’s no reason your investment portfolio, if maintained and invested in the right securities, can’t provide the same tangible benefits. Only, you don’t have to be a landlord.”

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Preservation first, growth second

This means ignoring the one-off market trends, meticulously researching to avoid undue risk, and keeping on a steady course towards your long-term goals.

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Timely communication

We stay in touch, keeping you ever-informed of your progress towards your goals. And, we’re always available – to address your concerns, answer your questions, and swiftly adjust your investment strategy when your needs evolve.

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Trusted, diligent, professional oversight

Forming a close connection with every client we serve, we proudly invest your wealth as if it were our own. This level of trust is critical to our approach, and our clients’ financial success.

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Tax-smart planning

Ken Lancaster, a Chartered Professional Accountant and previous Tax Partner of a national accounting firm, works with Paul and your accountant to exhaust every opportunity to minimize tax.

Optimizing your investments for your unique story

We are here to keep you on track and deliver peace of mind, so you can focus your energy on living life. To learn more about how we help, please contact us today.