Empowering Women


Women have made incredible strides, both personally and professionally, but there is still much progress to be made. Women are often the stewards of the family's wealth, and own/run almost half of all businesses in Canada.

We can help by:

  • Being your dedicated coach: Who expertly guides you through life’s transitions, such as divorce, the sale of your business, the death of a spouse, caring for parents and children, or the planning or settling of an estate.

  • Help you garner confidence: That your wealth is well managed and on track to the future you’ve envisioned, so you can focus on the people and passions in your life.

  • Bringing process and focus: We help address your life events and long-term goals, while focusing on real solutions over products.

We also work closely with local organizations, such as Women, Worth and Wellness to help empower women.  

Event highlights: CGMH Golf Fundraiser, Duntroon Highlands, September 2023

Embracing Personal Purpose for Wellness-Driven Leadership

Event highlights: International Women's Week, Butter Gallery, Collingwood, ON, March 2023

Webinar: Daring and Caring Women Leaders with Lisa Gable and Karen Cairney, January 2023

Event highlights: Women for Women: Finish the Year Strong, Creemore, ON, November 2022

Event highlights: CGMH Golf Fundraiser, Duntroon Highlands, September 2022

Webinar: Empowering Women: The State of Women's Leadership, Paul Chapman

Webinar: Leading Men Championing Women's Leadership and Wellness, June 2022

Event highlights: CGHM Golf Fundraiser, Duntroon Highlands, May 2022

Event highlights: Women's Wellness and Empowerment Through Philanthropy, November 2021

Event highlights: You Only Live Once (YOLO) Wellness Speakers, October 2021

'Event highlights: CGMH Golf Fundraiser, Duntroon Highlands, September 2021

Event highlights: Paris In Our Own Backyard, Georgian Hill Vinvards, September 2021

Webinar: Spring Up! Elevate Your Health, Wealth and Personal Stvle with HGTV's Clinton Kelly and Dr. Elaine Dembe

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