Ours is a true wealth management approach to client relationships. This includes financial planning, outstanding research and analyst oversight, in-house estate and insurance advisors, access to RBC Financial Group banking products and relationships with competent tax specialists.

Investment Objectives
We begin by understanding the client and their investment objectives, growth requirements, income needs, risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity and unique preferences. It is important for Patrick Rae & Associates Private Investment Management of RBC Dominion Securities to have a full picture of the client's current financial situation. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of all investments and where they are held, various types of income and any ongoing expenses to be funded out of investments.

Investment Policy Statement
The Investment Policy Statement is a specific mandate that captures the client's personal investment objectives, goals and constraints in a document that will guide the content of the portfolio. The framework for managing the investment porfolio is established in this document and includes objectives with regard to decision making, reporting on progress and reviewing, and fees. Asset mix guidelines as well as quality guidelines and diversification are also established. The Investment Policy Statement is created and signed by both the client as well as the Portfolio Manager.

Comprehensive Advisory
From this evaluation a portfolio can be generated with asset and diversification guidelines that fit precisely into the compete investment picture. Also, from this evaluation the appropriate portfolio type and investment style can be determined with accuracy. Any other services that are required in order to complete a sound financial picture are then determined. This may include insurance, tax advisory, estate advisory or banking and lending requirements.

Our team is comprised to individuals from differing backgrounds that play specialized roles. At any time, we have someone who is able to answer a client's specific questions and tend to their particular needs. Finally, we strive to meet face to face with our clients on an annual basis. During the annual meeting we will review performance over the previous year and long-term investment performance, we will discuss the current investment outlook and planned future investment strategy, and we will discuss potential revisions and address any questions or concerns that arise. Patrick Rae & Associates Private Investment Management of RBC Dominion Securities has clients across Canada and we strive to maintain this standard for our out-of-province clients as well.

We have also included unique client events as part of our regular business that stand behind our commitment to client relationships and to providing exceptional service.

Online Services
Our clients have access to a wide range of online services including: account access 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world with secure internet access, real-time market information including detailed quotes for stock and options listed on Canadian and U.S. markets, plus daily closing prices for mutual funds and a consolidated view of both RBC Royal Bank and RBC Dominion Securities accounts.