Our approach

“At RBC Dominion Securities, our team understands the unique challenges and goals that Canadian's face.
Our tailored wealth management solutions provide comprehensive strategies to help you maximize your financial potential, protect your assets, and achieve your long-term objectives. 
With our expert advice and personalized service, we're dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of wealth management,
and you can focus on what matters – growing your wealth and securing your financial future."

Our team offers a range of services tailored to the needs of our clients, including:

  1. Investment Management: Customized investment portfolios designed to align with your risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals.
  2. Financial Planning: Comprehensive financial planning services to help you strategize for retirement, tax optimization, succession planning, and other key milestones.
  3. Retirement Planning: Specialized retirement planning strategies to ensure you have a solid financial foundation.
  4. Tax Planning: Expert advice on tax-efficient investment strategies and structures to minimize your tax burden and maximize your after-tax returns.
  5. Risk Management: Insurance solutions to protect your assets against unforeseen events, such as disability, illness, or death.
  6. Succession Planning: Guidance and support in developing a succession plan to smoothly transition your business to the next generation or new ownership.
  7. Estate Planning: Tailored estate planning strategies to help preserve your wealth and minimize estate taxes, ensuring a seamless transfer of assets to your heirs.
  8. Business Advisory: Strategic advice and resources to help you optimize your business operations, manage cash flow, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

These services are delivered by our team of experienced professionals dedicated to understanding your unique needs and objectives, providing personalized advice, and helping you achieve financial success.

Contact us to learn how our knowledgeable team of professionals, backed by the resources of RBC Wealth Management, can help you grow more than wealth.

Ryan Edgington


JoAnn Parisien

Investment Advisor

613-930-2591 | Email me

Crystal Millar


Crystal Millar

Investment Advisor

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What sets us apart

RBC wealth management’s remarkable size, strength, and unwavering stability have propelled us to become a global leader, extending our influence beyond Canada’s borders. Ranked among the world’s top five wealth managers, RBC Dominion Securities have established an unparalleled reputation. Nevertheless, what truly distinguishes us is our commitment to a personalized approach. Parisien Millar Wealth Management group takes immense pride in delivering exceptional service, meticulously crafted planning, and astute, impactful strategies that genuinely transform the lives of our valued clients.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, working hand in hand with a dedicated team of RBC professionals in tax, estate planning, insurance, banking, and portfolio advisory. Together, we create a holistic and personalized financial plan to empower you and your family in attaining your full range of financial objectives. Take the first step by reaching out to JoAnn or Crystal today! We are ready to initiate the conversation and guide you toward a brighter financial future.

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