Long Term Investor

"I have invested in Mutual Funds for twenty-eight years during which time I was with a few investment companies and more than a few investment advisors. In 1997 I attended an informational gathering sponsored by RBC Dominion Securities. I was impressed by the presentation and decided to have all my investments transferred to RBC Dominion Securities. I have been a client of the Royal Bank since 1951.

My portfolio was taken over by Noelle Bellomi. Noelle served me very well all these years answering any concerns that I had and always kept me up to date with advice on what changes should be made.

Up to this past year we lived six months in Nanaimo and six months in Alliston. We are now permanantly in Alliston. My wish is to retain Noelle as my permanent financial advisor."

Hazen W. Gosnell

Knowledge of Investment Strategies

"Gladys and I first met Noelle in 2002 when we were interviewing potential Financial Brokers/Advisors. We felt an immediate rapport with Noelle. We were impressed with her sharp intellect and her professional knowledge of the market and investment strategies. There was no hesitation in transferring our portfolio to Dominion Securities for her professional guidance and oversight. We have found Noelle to be very diligent in carrying out professional responsibilities. Since 2002, our portfolios have experienced steady, strong growth exceeding our previous experiences with brokers."

Gladys and Terry Pryiazniuk

Keeping Up With Market Trends

"We are very pleased to have Noelle working with us, guiding us through our financial management. She is very alert to market trends and is sensitive to our needs at our age. Noelle is not only a very keen advisor but is also a very personable young lady. We enjoy our quarterly meetings with her and her interest in our personal and family life. She is a good friend. RBC is fortunate to have Noelle as a member of their team of financial advisors."

Emma and Paul Bayly 

Understanding Your Investment

"Noelle’s newsletter In the Loop is an excellent idea. It not only provides relevant and timely information to help in understanding current trends in the economy, but also functions to assist in maintaining contact between investors and their financial advisor."

Tom Stevens
Professor Emeritus, Lakehead University

Contributions to Charity

"When the Canadian Government made it advantageous to transfer stock to a charity, my wife Catherine and I met with Noelle Bellomi to discuss what we intended to do. Noelle arranged a meeting with Brodie Mulholland, RBC Dominion Securities, Will & Estate Consultant and our questions were answered. We were able to make a contribution to a charity that means a great deal to us, and now we can actually experience the joy of seeing our contribution making an impact on this charity we support. Thank you so much Noelle for your help and support in this adventure. "

Rev Jack Farr

Taking a Professional Interest

"My comments regarding Noelle Bellomi echo the remarks of other investors. Her professionalism as a financial advisor is foremost at all times. I am a senior so I appreciate her willingness to help me understand the monthly statements - never hurried, never impatient. One feels comfortable with Noelle always. To sum it up Noelle is courteous, dignified, trustworthy and, above all, business like. As a member of the team of financial advisors, I am certain she is an asset to RBC."

Marie M. Carolan

Offering Peace of Mind for Investors

"We would like to thank Noelle for the peace of mind she has given us! In the past, we would feel compelled to watch the market carefully. Now, we feel that we will not lose it all when we have those bad days in the market. We have to tell you, we were a little skeptical at first, but soon found out that Noelle is indeed different than other brokers we have worked with. She cares! We only wish we'd have moved our savings over to Noelle years ago."

Dennis and Sheila Bonwick

Providing Careful Guidance

"On reviewing my portfolio recently, I am grateful that I have received such careful guidance and advice from you over the last ten years.  You have been patient with me and have respected my preference for modest investing.  We have managed to survive many ups and downs in the market and hopefully we will continue to do so."

Elizabeth Bradley

Support For Power of Attorney

"As POA for my mother’s estate, I have received excellent service and advice from both Noelle Bellomi and Emily Gauthier. Thanks and best regards"

Richard Borrows

A Helpful Advisor

"I have done business with Noelle for a number of years (more than ten). Noelle has been a pleasure to work with- always very helpful and co-operative. I am happy to recommend Noelle to any position she may be pursuing."

Vera E. Wylie