Giving Back

Noelle has received seven RBC Foundation awards for Volunteerism. Genuinely committed to giving back, for over 20 years at RBC she has participated In philanthropy and community service. Whether it be Chairing a Nomination Committee, acting as Governor for Queen Margaret’s School, contributing to Audit and Finance Committees, acting as VP for the Nanaimo Hospital Foundation etc.

Each of us is defined by our own attitudes and belief systems. Why we give is a deeply personal choice. We can explore who you are, your motivations, and together customize a plan to carry out your wishes.

Seven Faces of Philanthropy

1.  Repayer: Doing Good in Return
2.  Investors: Doing Good is Good Business
3.  Socialite: Doing Good is Fun
4.  Communitarian: Doing Good Makes Sense for the Community
5.  Devout: Doing Good is a Moral Obligation
6.  Altruist: Doing Good Feels Right
7.  Dynast: Doing Good is a Family Tradition