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Your partnership with RBC Dominion Securities galvanizes leading global research so you can harness the strength of the RBC Financial Group.

Through market cycles. Across generations.

As Canada’s premier wealth management provider, we believe that the true value of investments is not just monetary, it’s emotional as well, manifesting in the peace of mind that money properly placed can provide.

We can’t eliminate all risk, but what we can do is mitigate risks within our control. Because there are so many aspects to managing wealth, we take a holistic and coordinated approach.

What makes us different

Clients we work for have access to industry leading investment expertise. Along with a dynamic selection of out-sourced independent Investment Management teams, progressive environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions and alternative investment strategies, clients also have the advantage of benefiting from a close working relationship with other resources within RBC, those who are undisputed leaders in several areas:

RBC Capital Markets
RBC Economics
Commercial Banking
RBC Global Asset Management

“Over many years, I’ve learned that when we customize service deliverables to meet each clients' needs, powerful synergies emerge. We learn to determine what works best for them so that we can calibrate our communication accordingly. We look forward to connecting.”

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