Expert execution of an individualized approach


There is no secret to why a certain investment strategy works. It's all about identifying the right combination of strategies that align to your unique needs, goals, and challenges. And the magic – it’s in the execution.

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We identify and maintain the right balance of investments for your specific goals and risk tolerance, always conscious about the best value when considering costs.

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We insulate your wealth from market volatility and minimize the risk of a permanent loss of capital by tapping into a wide range of high-quality investments that meet our strict standards.

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We are scrupulous about maintaining your ideal asset allocation with regular rebalancing.

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Tax smart

We leverage levers like tax-loss selling and registered account contributions to minimize your tax bill.

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We know that life throws curves, and with them come new challenges and opportunities that need to be factored in, so we continually re-evaluate.

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I get into as much detail as you want to hear, as much as makes you comfortable. I like talking about investments, so if you want to spend a couple of hours talking investments at the onset of our relationship, let’s do it!

– Michelle Nickel

Ready for your first step?

Excellent financial management begins with an understanding of your goals and core values.

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