Founded on Trust and Optimized for Service

While the dollar value of assets administered by Scholte Wealth Management is substantial, we have purposely limited the number of households managed to less than half the industry average. This conscious decision was driven by Nick's desire to always be personally and readily accessible to all of our clients - not just a select few.  In short, our practice has been optimized for service.

As a licensed Portfolio Manager, Nick manages our clients’ investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. This means Nick, supported by the vast research capabilities of RBC, personally makes the day-to-day decisions necessary to achieve the unique investment goals of each client. The benefit to our clientele is that a notable life stress has been reduced, and they are left with more time to focus on what truly matters to them.

We Take our Responsibility Seriously

It should go without saying that for our team to be entrusted with the life savings of our clients is a tremendous honor and a great responsibility. We take the responsibility seriously, and truly believe that the trust given us by our clients should be rewarded in-kind. We strive to do so by delivering best-in-class communication and service.

For more than a decade, Nick has personally written a broadly disseminated weekly client email that attempts to cut through the noise of our 24/7 information age, and lets clients know what he perceives to actually matter, as well as what he may be doing about it on their behalf. We emphasize that these are personally written comments, and not ghost-written by some internal or external third party. It is an unvarnished insight into what our team, your personal Portfolio Managers, think, and what we are personally doing for you at any given moment.

A historical compilation of topical emails can be found in Our Blog.

Sometimes it Takes a Bit More

Of course, while we consider (and have been told) that our written client communications are a key differentiator of our service, sometimes circumstances dictate, or clients prefer, the reassurance of a voice.  Hereto, we strive to be different.

Experience informs us that some clients, nearly always, respond better to verbal explanations.  Other times, nearly all clients appreciate a reassuring call in the face of a particularly troubling development - such as Brexit.  A clientele consisting of a (purposely) limited number of successful families allows us to do this when necessary.   In short, clients can be well-assured that we will proactively reach out to them if circumstances warrant.

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