Letting You Sleep at Night

At Scholte Wealth Management, we strive to deliver an exceptional wealth management experience. One that is personalized; begins with a plan; and includes all of the appropriate specialists and professionals that RBC can bring to bear on your behalf. Our goal is simple - to allow you to sleep at night.

Only once we understand you and have developed an appropriate plan to achieve your goals, can we set about investing your money thoughtfully. When entrusted to invest on your behalf, our philosophy is as follows:

To follow the proven path to exceptional wealth creation, and commit long-term to owning a properly diversified portfolio of blue-chip, dividend-paying, businesses. Our trust-building communicative approach helps to keep you upon this proven path, despite the emotional temptation to veer off course owing to a world of mostly negative news headlines.

We are continually guided by the above philosophy, and reflect upon it regularly. It is at the core of our investment process, and informs us in all of our client interactions.

Fine-Tuning the Experience

But, as with anything in life, there are nuances.  Three of the most important involve you, and help set the parameters for appropriate investment on your behalf:

  • What degree of wealth generation is actually necessary to achieve your goals? Perhaps wealth preservation is a greater concern.
  • How much income do you need?
  • How do you emotionally respond to changes in portfolio value? Many people are simply not 'wired' to accept much, if any, volatility in this regard.

And one particularly relevant nuance involves us, and how we might adjust your portfolio over time within the parameters you have set:

  • The negative impact of recessions upon wealth creation is disproportionately extreme. It follows that a great deal of our time and effort, and that of RBC, is spent trying to identify credible threats of recession.

Thankfully, since World War II, the U.S. economy has spent roughly 85% of the time in expansion, and just 15% in recession. Recessions are the economic exception, and expansion is the rule. The very vast majority of negative business headlines will have no bearing on this truism. But, when recession makes its occasional unwanted appearance, it follows that this may be a time to reduce the otherwise appropriate level of blue-chip equity exposure we are maintaining on your behalf.

Our Duty to You

We believe it is our duty to consistently, clearly and effectively communicate - by weekly client emails and in the Our Blog section of this site - where we are in a given economic cycle, and whether a credible threat of recession indeed looms. Equally, we believe it is our duty to explain in these same communications what, if anything, we are doing in your portfolio. You need not read these updates. You may trust us implicitly. But if ever interest, curiosity, or anxiety strike, you may take comfort in knowing that personal messaging from our team is sitting in your "inbox", or available here on this site.

How Can We Help?

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