Earning Your Trust

Fulfilling the investment and wealth planning needs of select individuals and their families for more than two decades, Scholte Wealth Management is a practice founded on trust, built with expertise, and maintained with clear and consistent client communication.

Led by Nick Scholte, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager, our team's approach is best suited for conservative investors seeking thoughtful and transparent guidance in their financial affairs.

The Landscape

Investment management might seem extraordinarily complicated. Certainly, daily - and often contradictory - media headlines would have you believing so. Unfortunately, this cacophony of noise is intended to generate an emotional response, and emotional responses typically result in poor investment outcomes.

Our clients must trust that we are consistent in our approach and sound in our judgement.  They must know that the results generated on their behalf are not the result of lucky guesses or reckless gambles.  In short, they must be able to sleep at night.

Scholte Wealth Management

But with experience comes perspective, and the ability to recognize that an ongoing commitment to sound investment principles, stripped of emotional response, is the surest road to investment success. Our team has this experience and perspective.

Trust Earned Through Communication

However, is bottom line investment success the true measure of who should be guiding your financial future? Certainly it is an important component, but there are others.

Foremost of these is trust. Our clients must trust that we are consistent in our approach and sound in our judgment. They must know that the results generated on their behalf are not the result of lucky guesses or reckless gambles. In short, they must be able to sleep at night. We earn this trust through consistent, clear, and timely communication.

Notably, Nick personally writes a weekly email to our clients written in everyday English with a minimal use of jargon. These emails describe and offer opinions on current economic conditions, as well as how we are positioning client portfolios in response to these conditions. In so doing, clients are never left wondering "is my advisor on top of things?" or, "should I be worried?"

While clients are under no obligation to read these emails, all have expressed a universal comfort in knowing that they are there, sitting in their Inbox (or available in the Our Blog section of this site), if the need arises.

Use this Site!

This site is intended to serve as both a resource for clients, and an introduction to visitors. If visiting, be sure to explore the tabs above to learn more about our teampractice and philosophy.

To the right on your desktop (below if you are on a mobile device) you will find a section titled "Our Team's Recent Blog Posts". Here you will find links to the most recent weekly client emails of broadly topical interest. For clients seeking a specific email of older vintage, or visitors wishing to further investigate our historical messaging to clients, a more complete catalogue of our team's email commentary can be found by visiting the Our Blog tab at the top of the page. We'll also include a carefully considered portal to notable commentary from authors internal and external to RBC via the Our Curated Library tab.

If you would like to speak to us directly, feel free to contact us using whichever method is most convenient: by email at nick.scholte@rbc.com; via the Contact tab at the top of the page; using any of the "How Can We Help?" forms found throughout the website; or simply call Nick on his direct line at 604-257-7569 (Toll Free: 1-844-665-9900).

Our Team's Recent Blog Posts

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Jun 24, 2022 | Nick Scholte

I have great clients - my calls this week proved it.

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Keeping it Real

Jun 17, 2022 | Nick Scholte

Assuming headline inflation peaks sometime over the summer, we envision choppy recovery from here through year-end. However, as happens about 25% of the time, 2022 is likely to go down in the history books as a negative year for equities.

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Our Commitment

We promise to get to know you, and to earn the right to be your trusted partner in achieving your financial ambitions.  In consultation with you, we will jointly develop a personalized and written Investment Policy Statement that guides us in the management of your investments and, most importantly, allows you to sleep at night.  We pledge to consistently adhere to sound investment principles, and will remain transparent in doing so.   Specifically, we will always deliver prompt, regular, and clear communication, and will be equally responsive to any communications initiated by you.  And, where appropriate, we will engage our professional colleagues and bring to bear any other appropriate resource of Canada's largest financial institution to help you achieve all your wealth planning goals.