Women & Investing

Gender equality has come a long way; women still face a set of unique challenges when it comes to managing their finances. 

Most women play a critical role in the management of their family’s finances. In RBC Wealth Management’s 2017 Wealth Transfer Report, 98% of women reported that they are either the sole or joint decision-makers on daily banking, and 84% of women report having full or joint responsibility in overseeing the family investment portfolio. That said, women are also more likely than men to encounter certain barriers when it comes to managing their wealth.

As reported by Statistics Canada, women are more likely to encounter lifestyle changes like leaving the workforce to raise a family, or acting as a primary caregiver to young and old family members. Women also have longer life expectancies and are widowed more often than men, which means they generally require more funds for retirement. In addition, the gender wage gap makes it all the more difficult to overcome these financial obstacles.

Women Face Unique Investment Challenges:

  • Leaving the workforce to raise families
  • Life Expectancy and funding longer retirements
  • More Likely to become widowed
  • Primary Caregiver to young and old family members

We specialize in addressing these challenges and regularly deliver presentations on the topic of women’s financial literacy. We provide wealth planning services that are tailored to you and your unique needs as a woman and investor. With your particular financial circumstances and requirements in mind, we help build a disciplined investment strategy to meet your long-term goals – prioritizing your engagement and education in the process. We also offer professional services in areas like tax minimization, Will and estate consultation, education savings planning, and financial planning to ensure that your overall wealth strategy leaves no stone unturned.


We can help address these challenges through wealth planning considerations such as:

  • The Importance of being engaged in financial matters
  • A Disciplined Investment Strategy
  • Tax Planning & Minimization
  • Will & Estate reviews
  • Education Savings
  • A ‘Living’ Financial Plan
  • Having a regular and trusted dialogue with your financial advisor


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Women & Investing