Building Durable Wealth... Funding Future Legacies...


We work with private investors and their families who can benefit from a fully integrated approach to wealth management. These include:

  • Retirees who want to maximize their after tax retirement income with special consideration given to their earned government pension income as well as estate and legacy planning
  • Professionals of all kinds who are very busy but want to ensure they have a comprehensive wealth plan working for them
  • Business owners who need a trusted financial partner who can assist them in a variety of ways including unique investment strategies and services 

In the end, it’s all about helping families grow and protect their wealth, to last them throughout retirement, and also fund a future legacy.


We offer Professional Wealth Management and Integrated Planning which is coordinated across the full spectrum of financial matters including:

  • Conservative Portfolio Management
  • Goals Based Investing
  • Tax Consulting & Optimization
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Income strategies
  • Protecting your Estate and Legacy
  • Insurance Needs Assessments
  • Credit & Lending (Business and Family)


The Families we look after choose to work with us because of our focus on building trust and confidence in their ongoing financial situation. This is done via our commitment to ongoing communication and our dedication to the integrated planning approach ensuring each aspect of your financial life works in harmony.

We pride ourselves in building durable portfolios for our clients which are designed to perform under a variety of market conditions. In short, we look for ‘multiple ways to win’- using a conservative approach with a prudent eye on risk management.

We maintain several direct relationships with high net worth money managers all across Canada and the U.S. These investment partners of ours help us keep a finger on the pulse of global markets which is crutial for planning and executing important tactical investment decisions.

We also utilize technical investment information and knowledge to help identify opportunities with prevailing market themes. These indicators also provide information around important inflection points where a larger focus on defense is warranted in the near term.

We believe resolutely in the importance of having a plan and managing controllable risks. 


Our process is built strictly around creating a trusting relationship with you to understand your current situation, your goals and to uncover opportunities that will maximize your potential for success.

During our initial meetings, we take a lot of care in learning about you and your family and where we can create meaningful value. This can result in finding ways to save you on tax, unique investment structures that could benefit your situation, or by identifying significant risks that have yet to be addressed. We seek out these opportunities in conjunction with our in house experts and specialists including accountants, lawyers, insurance professionals, as well as tax and estate experts.

Our investment philosophy is deeply rooted in the understanding that investor behavior must be managed. There can be too many emotional challenges that one may face as they build and protect their wealth. Having an ongoing integrated wealth plan and a well-defined disciplined investment process can help overrule the potential for emotional pitfalls that could jeopardize your goals.

Clients choose to work with us because of the care and attention we apply to their situation in formulating a comprehensive plan and instituting it with a ‘rules-based’ approach to protect them from all the risks we know to exist. We believe strongly in regular, consistent communication and ongoing review which means that our relationship is a long term collaboration.

The result of our work together is geared at providing a long lasting benefit to you and your family and building a legacy for the future.