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The main reason people gather here is to read my blog. I have been "blogging" since 1999 although they didn't call it blogging back then. Feel free to enjoy my blog and if you have any comments don't hesitate to contact me.  
The blogs' main goal is to keep investors connected with what is going. The financial markets are the center theme of the writings but life is far "richer" than money and wealth so my range of topics will stray from the financial on a regular basis. My goal is to dig a little deeper into WHY things are the way they are today and maybe even challenge you to think about your financial life in a new, exciting way!
My passion has always been "the markets." An interest in how the financial world works attracted me to the industry in 1987, and that passion still burns within me today. As a client you have access to 30 years experience at your finger tips.  
As a client, your goals, expectations, and dreams are what we focus upon when creating your personal service plan. Step one of our service plan begins with a casual meeting where you can ask questions about how a relationship with RBC Dominion Securities can make your financial objectives easier to manage and accomplish. RBC has a full slate of service partners and experts to answer your questions and help you meet your goals. 
Browse around my website. There are a number of introduction styled articles introducing our suite of services.  
Thanks again for your interest...and please enjoy my blog!
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