Weekly Comment - March 19, 2021

March 19, 2021 |Nick Foglietta

As yields work their way higher, the pressure on real estate markets builds.

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Vaccines Put Global Economy on Recovery Track

March 19, 2021 |Craig Wright, Dawn Desjardins and Nathan Janzen

The outlook for the global economy improved significantly as vaccine production and distribution ramped up with real GDP expected to increase by 5½% in 2021.

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And Now the Reset: 9 ways COVID has changed consumers, and business, for the decade ahead

March 16, 2021 |John Stackhouse

As the pandemic crosses the one-year mark, its early lessons are proving to have remarkable staying power.

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Weekly Comment - March 12, 2021

March 13, 2021 |Nick Foglietta

If inflation is coming back with a vengeance AND the central banks are going to pretend inflation will be transient--signaling they don’t care about future inflation--interest rates COULD surge.

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How COVID-19 has impacted the outlook for Canadian women in work

March 08, 2021 |Dawn Desjardins and Carrie Freestone

We all have responsibility for getting more Canadians back to work and managing the forces of automation and digitalization. The greater the number of people who participate in Canada’s recovery, the stronger our economy will be.

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COVID Further Clouded the Outlook for Canadian Women at Risk of Disruption

March 04, 2021 |Dawn Desjardins & Carrie Freestone

Almost half a million Canadian women who lost their jobs during the pandemic hadn’t returned to work as of January.

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Weekly Comment - March 4, 2021

March 04, 2021 |Nick Foglietta

They have become metaphorical gardener authors.

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