A look back at 2018, a look forward to 2019

Dec 28, 2018 |Nick Foglietta

Ultimately, this correction will create better value for long term investors…it actually already has.

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Weekly comment - December 11, 2018

Dec 11, 2018 |Nick Foglietta

Patience is key.

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Why The Wealthy Barber won’t act as executor for even his closest friends

Dec 04, 2018 |RBC Wealth Management

I refuse to take on the executor role for even my closest friends’ wills. If you’re wondering why, you’ve probably never been an executor. —David Chilton

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Weekly Comment - December 3, 2018

Dec 03, 2018 |Nick Foglietta

Asset markets became like Pavlovian dogs reacting to the words of the central bank heads each time they promise to dispense another dose of financial heroin

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