Exclusive new service for clients

Jul 22, 2019 | Megan Christensen


Knowledge is power

Not all of our clients have the same level of knowledge, experience or interest when it comes to the world of investments.

We have quite a few clients who are sophisticated investors and many more who are avid learners and together you have made Nick's Blog one of the most widely read blogs at RBC Dominion Securities nationwide. 

For two decades, Nick has shared his weekly comments with an understanding that education and knowledge is powerful, particularly in uncertain times. We want to build on this and empower all of our clients to make informed decisions regarding their portfolio.

Half the battle to staying informed today is knowing where to look on the World Wide Web and having to bounce here, there and everywhere in the process.

In an effort to better serve you and to make accessing company updates less of a hassle, we are introducing a "one-stop info-shop" via the password protected "For Clients" page on our website.

Posts on this page are timely and will have set expiration dates, at which time they be permanently removed, so be sure to login often.

Right now, there's information on and links to connect to two live company calls and webcasts, so head over to that page once you're finished with this week's weekly comment.

You'll need to give me a call directly at 250-729-3226, for the password to get started and it would be absolutely fantastic (and very much appreciated) if you could take a couple minutes to send me a brief email letting me know which companies' updates you want.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.