Weekly Comment - December 11, 2017

Dec 11, 2017 | Nick Foglietta


My hope is that you find the updated website a place where you can get more than just the weekly commentary

New Website Format and Information Delivery

My hope is that you find the updated website a place where you can get more than just the weekly commentary.

Let me give you a guided tour of the four main features clients will find most useful:

  • The blog will host the weekly comment that you have come to expect from our team and will also feature guest columns and editorials throughout the week that you might find interesting.
  • Archives give public access to the weekly comments starting in July 2017 and going back in time until 2012.
  • RBC Insights contains daily, weekly, and monthly research notes produced by RBC Dominion Securities research department. This tab is refreshed each day with new research pieces so feel free to check it out and share as often as you like.
  • Service Expertise Suite contains summaries of publications that RBC Dominion Securities (in PDF format), which can be requested for use at home. There are also some useful video resources that take real-life examples to show how our clients have used the complete suite of services we offer to support their financial well-being.

From a social media perspective, my goal is to use the newly updated website as a focal point to communicate with you better.

As we were creating the areas of content on the site, Megan and I were thinking of all the “regular” calls and questions we receive from clients on a given week. For example, people will call in and ask for certain RBC Dominion Securities research pieces. Now, the most frequently asked for “client friendly” research is posted DAILY on the website, along with our most popular weekly and monthly publications.

Another example is when I am speaking to somebody about having a personal financial plan. Up to now I would email them an article or sample of something we do. Going forward I will send the person a direct link to the specific video about financial planning at RBC on the site with an expectation they can look around our site and see related resources to get a clearer picture of what they can expect.

Our website in no way replaces our regular phone calls, meetings, and research work we do already. Hopefully the website simply enhances the client experience with its content.

The second purpose of our new look website is to make it easier for you to refer a friend or family member to check out our services. The data our industry receives has shown over and over again the key to successful client/advisor relationships is TRUST. It is a privilege for our team to work with you. Our number one goal is to do the best we can every day in helping you reach your goals and earn your trust.

My favourite way to meet a new prospective client is through a referral from one of our already satisfied clients! It’s the best compliment I can receive!

To help facilitate referrals we have added a couple of other sections to the website:

  • Testimonials are added so you can see the way others have benefited from working with our team in the past and RBC Dominion Securities in general.
  • Meet our Team offers an easy snapshot about our team members.
  • Home shares some about our “mission statement”, “what makes us different”, and a little bit about “RBC” as a company.

As you will see, we still have some work to do in completing some of these sections. The blog section is fully live. The RBC Insights is fully live too. Some of our team content needs to be edited and approved by RBC still so it is not all on the site yet, but it is on the way.

I will keep you posted as to anything new or updated via the weekly comments on the blog.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new look and format, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think so far. Also, any suggestions as to what you would like to see added in the future would be appreciated.