Gravitas - Millennials

Jan 30, 2021 |The Newton Group

Given the recent activity around GameStop and AMC, I wanted to focus on what I believe is the bigger message. There is a very powerful global theme that is emerging as a disruptive force: the rise of the importance of the Millennial.

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Gravitas - Disruption

Jan 22, 2021 |The Newton Group

With markets hitting fresh highs, a perennial investment question remains: “Where do investors allocate new capital in 2021?”

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Why women need to be more proactive with their brain health

Jan 21, 2021 |RBC Wealth Management

While Canadian women tend to live about five years longer than men, research shows females account for about 70 percent of people living with dementia and brain-aging diseases.

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Gravitas - Stealth Rotation

Jan 15, 2021 |The Newton Group

A few have asked: "When are we going to see a correction in the market?” While it is true that some stocks have gone up, and others have gone up a lot in recent months, the biggest stocks have not.

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Gravitas - The Fever Broke

Jan 08, 2021 |The Newton Group

Many were confused why markets shrugged off the US political turmoil this week. Despite all the current political shenanigans in the US, markets couldn’t seem to care less.

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