Everyone has a unique family, business and financial situation.  Here are a few examples of people whom the Schatz Wealth Strategies group has helped. 

Business Owners – Sale of Land and Business

This couple were selling their BC based operating business and the land it occupied.  Most of the assets were in her name.  They owned two holding companies and Canadian and US based real estate.  We engaged one of our Business Owner Planning Specialists who did a complete review of their affairs.  The review confirmed that their overall strategy was in fact quite good, which was helpful for them to know.  We did recommend winding down one of the holding companies to simplify things and we emphasized US dollar denominated assets in the conservative portfolio.

Couple in early 60’s want to retire

This working couple had accumulated some investment assets, had one moderate sized pension, and owned one investment property in addition to their Vancouver home.  They wanted to be sure they could retire comfortably.  They worked with one of our Financial Planning Consultants who built a retirement financial plan that includes selling their home and buying a condominium, adjusting the portfolio for increased income and identifying that there was no need to sell the investment property at this time.  They also did a review of their estate wishes with our Will and Estate Consultant. 

Home Sale for Vancouver Seniors

These people sold their west-side Vancouver home and had a much larger amount of money than ever before.  They wanted to work with someone they could trust, to keep the money safe and to produce income.  It was also important to minimize taxes and to provide for the next generation.  They were living common-law and both had children from previous relationships.  We built a conservative portfolio that kept their money safe while producing the income they needed in their new and very comfortable living arrangement.  Taxes were minimized with several techniques and their Wills were reviewed with our Will and Estate Consultant.  It was identified that, despite their age, they could use insurance to increase the value of the estate and to eventually pass the funds exactly as they wish.

Executive – Joint Canadian/US Citizen

This successful executive had a high net worth and substantial annual compensation.  Through a planning exercise with one of our High Net Worth Planners it was identified that his estate had a large US Estate tax exposure because he was a US citizen.  Following some detailed work with our Estate Planning Specialists at the regional and national level and additional advice from non-RBC US tax specialists, we helped him create an ‘Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust’ in which he purchased a Whole Life Insurance policy that would grow over time, on a tax free basis, to meet the expected future tax exposure.