1. Invest Wisely

  • Our unique process starts with our twelve-month outlook. Every quarter we develop a new outlook based on the new realities. Client portfolios are pro-actively adjusted to reflect this outlook at all times.
  • RBC Dominion Securities, as Canada’s largest investment firm, has the widest range of analysts, market strategists, and portfolio management tools. We take advantage of these resources to identify opportunities and add them to client portfolios on a timely basis.
  • We take direct ownership in the shares of the many of the world’s most well-managed businesses, with high cash flows and bright futures. This allows you to participate in the success of these businesses over time.

2. We Drive the Bus

  • SWS makes all final decisions about stocks, bonds, preferred shares, sectors, regions and currencies. We are accountable to you for the outcome of these decisions.
  • We make regular adjustments to take profits on winning positions and to search for undervalued opportunities.
  • We avoid third party managers and their excessive fees.

3. Keep It Simple

  • Convenience for you is important. You empower us to make the investment decisions for your portfolio.
  • We keep you up-to-date with a personalized rate-of-return report, a concise quarterly outlook, and extensive online viewing.
  • Direct ownership of bonds and company shares allow us to patiently wait for gains. We avoid the herd mentality associated with many mutual funds, hedge funds and structured products.