Solutions for building and retaining a productive workforce


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Industry leaders understand the importance of building and maintaining a strong team.

One of the biggest challenges affecting any organization is employee turnover, which is on the rise in Canada.  Business studies estimate that when a manager leave a company, the organization could lose up to 50% of the ex-manager’s salary.

Beyond attracting and retaining talent, absenteeism and financial stress can have a profound effect on your company, even taking a toll on productivity and profitability.  When it comes to financial stress, 58% of employers say it contributes to employee absences and 78% say it causes employees to be less productive.

Employers aren’t the only ones to see the effects of financial stress.  In a recent study, 81% of employees say they have taken time off from work due to financial stress or spent time thinking about personal financial issues, while 52% are interested in receiving advice and financial guidance from their employers.  Alleviating the financial stress of your employees and promoting financial wellness is key to building a productive and motivated workforce.

RBC Group Advantage will help you build and retain a productive and motivated workforce.  RBC Group Advantage is a comprehensive program that delivers financial wellness to your business by taking care of your employees’ financial needs, form savings and investments to everyday banking.  RBC Group Advantage will work with you, from plan setup to employee participation, to help you deliver solutions tailored to your business and your employees.  You will get dedicated support from the RBC Group Advantage team – leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

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