Our most important job is to listen to you and to understand you, your family and/or your business needs, and to work with you to set out long-term investment objectives. We will work to define your tolerance for risk, developing realistic investment expectations commensurate with your comfort level.

At RBC Dominion Securities we have access to a wide array of products and services. Your portfolio will include a combination of these products and services - all tailored to suit your financial needs and objectives.

Retirement Planning

The retirement planning strategies that make sense when you're 45, don't always make sense when your 55, 65 or older. That's why we provide solutions to build and protect your retirement nest egg for each stage of your life. Our extensive financial plan for you will give you a good idea of where you're headed.

Estate & Wealth Planning

With our team of professionals, we can help you build and effectively manage your wealth and investments. Working with you, we will offer you solutions and strategies for protecting your assets, transferring your wealth and settling an estate.

Tax-Efficient Investing

You've worked hard to accumulate your wealth. And, whether you're retired or not, tax-efficient investing can help you maximize the income you derive from your investments or help shelter your investments from taxes. With our extensive wealth management approach, we will have the information we need to help guide you through your options.

Guided Portfolios

Enjoy a highly disciplined approach to equity investing with the Guided portfolio. With this strict investment discipline, you follow the proven RBC Investment strategy process that guides your decision to buy or sell individual equities.

Business Planning

Every day you make crucial decisions affecting the financial health of your business. You know how important it is to have the best possible services and products to help effectively manage your finances. With our wealth management approach, we can help you make the right financial decisions.

Custom Designed Portfolio

After learning as much as we can about you, your family, your business and summarizing our findings with a Financial Plan, we are now equipped with the information we need to tailor an investment portfolio that will help you meet your goals - safely and tax-effectively.

Advisor Account

The RBC Dominion Securities Advisor Account is a special type of investment account designed to offer you a portfolio approach to investing and the simplicity of paying one annual, asset-based fee - without additional transactional fees.


We understand that creating and effectively managing your wealth his just part of the equation. It's also important to preserve it. Through the use of insurance strategies, we can help you preserve your wealth during your lifetime, and protect the value of your estate for your family and other beneficiaries.