The Nass Wealth Management LIFESTYLE SOLUTION PROCESS sets the highest client experience standards.

Our proprietary process includes:

  • A comprehensive discovery process that will focus on your lifestyle, which includes what you like to do both now and in retirement, what cash flow will you require to enjoy your lifestyle, how will that be generated, how will that be protected, and what other financial goals do you have for family, charities, and any other important areas of your life. What is unique is that we talk about your life and what you want to achieve; we will then help you attain the financial needs of your lifestyle so you may enjoy living it.
  • Upon gathering all the relevant information, the next step we undertake is to create a Financial Master Plan. This is your lifestyle financial plan that will guide you from the current point in time through to retirement years and further, to ensure your estate visions are realized. This is the guide that we follow for your future; while life can bring change, we adjust your plan to these changes to keep your lifestyle goals on track.
  • Bringing in our experts and working with your experts: part of developing your Financial Master Plan will require other experts in the areas of taxation, estate plans, and asset/income protection. We will utilize our extended team members and also work with your current professionals to build strategies that are custom to your needs. These experts, along with the Nass Wealth Management, will help to execute and quarterback all facets of your Financial Master Plan.
  • A great financial plan has no value unless it is properly implemented and monitored through an appropriate investment strategy - we ensure this is done. Executing the plan sometimes requires stages to ensure strategies are completed. We prepare an implementation plan which allows us to address the immediate needs arising from the plan; we then put together a follow-up progress plan for the recommended strategies which may have a longer time horizon for implementation. This will ensure that all the plan recommendations are addressed and implemented, whether by our office or one of the other professionals whom you work with in their areas of expertise.
  • Fulfilling your investment goals is an ongoing process. We help you achieve your financial priorities by Managing, monitoring and improving your plan as your priorities shift over time. Utilizing Private Investment Management and the development of your Personal Investment Policy, we will build your lifestyle solutions portfolio. Our team is committed to maintaining regular contact to ensure your plan, your goals and your objectives stay on course. We diligently monitor market and economic conditions to ensure ongoing re-balancing with a focus on preserving your wealth, and taking advantage of market opportunities to maximize your portfolio performance. The Client Resources section is an area for our clients, providing informative reading material on investment and financial planning items that help keep you on top of the financial world. Remuneration for our advice and services is clear and never influences our recommendations – FEE STRUCTURE IS TRANSPARENT