Nass Rae Community Involvement


Each year, Alan actively builds a team for the Movember annual campaign in November.   The whole team participates in raising awareness and funds for this important charity.  

To learn more, please go to their website: Movember

Junior Achievement 

Sandra is active as an instructor with Junior Achievement.  She believes strongly in the education of today's youth on the matters of personal finance and investing.  Junior Achievement works with local schools to bring training programs to the classroom and Sandra enjoys her role as an instructor for these programs.

To learn more, please go to their website: Junior Achievement

Richmond Women's Resource Center

We were very excited to provide a donation to the Richmond Women's Resource Center (RWRC) through the RBC Foundation.  This non-profit group provides assistance to women of all ages in Richmond: whether they are new to the community; or women recently found on their own; or just needing some help in finding the right resources, RWRC provides access to many different areas and in a safe environment.  We attended their annual fundraising event and were truly impressed with the huge community support RWRC received. 

To learn more, please go to their website: Richmond Women's Resource Center

Richmond Food Security Society 

A terrific program designed to teach youth about where food comes from.  The Get Rooted Youth Program does a wonderful job to help educating our youth as well as having local school gardens set up to grow produce.  

To learn more, please go to their website: Richmond Food Security Society

World Vision 

Sandra has supported four children through World Vision for many years.  It is great to have regular updates from the children as well as ongoing communication and seeing their development throughout the years. 

To learn more, please go to their website: World Vision

KidSport Tri-Cities 

Alan has participated annually in the KidSport golf fundraiser with his sons.  This past year, he was able to arrange a donation of over 1,500 soccer balls to the group. 

To learn more, please go to their website: KidSport Tri-Cities

100 Women Who Care 

Sandra has been proud to be a part of this group for the past few years.  Every quarter, there is a new charity selected from those submitted by the members.  It is great to see funds raised and put forward to some of the smaller local charities. 

To learn more, please go to their website: 100 Women Who Care