Financial literacy and financial empowerment are important causes for Najia. All too often women are unsure on how to manage their wealth, or are depending on their partners for wealth management. 

"WE - Women Empower" is a networking group created by Najia Crawford. This group enables women from all sorts of backgrounds to come together, learn, and build confidence with respect to their financial health. The goal of this organization is to learn about wealth management, encourage women to support each other, and grow as individuals in other aspects of life as well.

This group also creates a great networking opportunity for a diverse group of female professionals, entrepreneurs and philanthropists who want to meet and help other women, while expanding their own careers or personal endeavors. 

'WE' meets regularly at different venues, and have a chance to hear from different types of speakers and specialists, while enjoying some great food, entertainment and the company of other lovely ladies.  

Please contact me for further information on events or if you are interested in joining this group.