Specialty Scoop: CyberPatient

June 06, 2022 | Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada


Check out this episode to see how CyberPatient fills in the gap in medical education and helps students turn theory into practice.

An enormous gap exists between the delivery of theoretical knowledge and practical learning in medicine. To address the need, like pilots training to fly an airplane on a simulator, Dr Karim Qayumi developed CyberPatient - a virtual hospital with 135 digitally enhanced patients for learners to practice anytime anywhere.

Specialty Scoop Episode 4: CyberPatient: Hands-On Skills

Imagine a virtual hands-on learning opportunity where trainees could access patients 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Faculty would have access to the platform, review trainees' outcomes and provide feedback at any time of day. Fast forward to… now! Gone are the days where a medical student shows up at the bedside table flipping through a medical textbook.

In this episode of Specialty Scoop, join Dr. Karim Qayumi, FRCSC and the founder of the UBC Centre for Excellence, Simulation, Education, and Innovation, as he tells why and how he created CyberPatient - an interactive virtual simulation that provides learners with a clinical environment to practice and learn clinical skills… in a safe space. He also shares his future plan of evolving CyberPatient to fill the other gaps in medical education, including the gap between individual training and team performance in the hospital, communication skills and more.

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