Wealth management extends beyond investment advice and money management to encompass a wide range of wealth management needs.  Our team provides not only the financial security of today, but also the peace of mind of realizing future dreams and goals. We are guided by the principles of honesty, integrity, ethics and an absolute dedication to the affairs of all our clients and their families.

Our clients include: 

  • Executives & professionals looking to minimize taxes on their hard earned income

  • Business owners who need help managing their personal and business assets

  • Professionals: Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Engineers and Business Professionals

  • Retirees looking to preserve their wealth through innovative strategies to maximize their after-tax retirement income, while protecting their financial security

  • Established families seeking inter-generational wealth transfer services and advise

How we add value:

  • Providing wealth management services tailored to meet the needs of our clients and business owners at each life stage

  • Providing a comprehensive wealth management solution

  • Leveraging strategic relationships with leading professionals in taxation, estates, trusts, business succession planning and insurance

Looking Beyond Money

Customized financial planning is the foundation on which our relationship is built.  We address a range of concerns including:

  • Cash management

  • Debt management

  • Tax planning

  • Investment planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Risk management

  • Estate planning

We will provide a personalized report containing specific recommendations and solutions to achieve your financial goals.

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Mike Kolo, CIM, CFP

Senior Investment & Wealth Advisor


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