When leaving your employer, you may be faced an extremely difficult financial decision – whether to leave your pension entitlement with your former employer, commute your entitlement to a locked in savings plan, or purchase an annuity.

If you have been a member of the company’s pension plan for many years, the entitlement that you’ve earned could be the biggest source of your retirement income. Selecting the appropriate pension option can involve many variables unique to each person, and can be quite confusing. The Michie Wealth Management Group works with you to fully consider the risks, rewards, and opportunities of each option.

Our team completes a complimentary assessment to determine whether or not each pension option is a viable solution. Every assessment is fully customized, accounting for the many unique factors that could have an impact on your decision. After completing this assessment process, clients can feel empowered to make the best financial decision for themselves and their family.

We routinely host Pension planning seminars to assist with your pension decision. Please ask us for details.


It’s not a simple decision.  Everything should be considered: