The Michie Wealth Management Group offers a full range of investment solutions suitable for the complex needs of high net worth individuals.

Our team has immediate access to highly sophisticated research that provides us with in-depth coverage of leading Canadian and US companies, institutional money managers, mutual fund managers and ETF’s. By having these resources at our disposal, we are able to follow a proven and disciplined approach to selecting both securities and managers used in each of our customized client portfolios. We believe in a multi-manager approach to portfolio construction, as we feel that no one manager can be an expert in all areas.

The wealth management services offered by our group are provided on a continual basis, not a one-time effort. As a successful client-advisor relationship relies on a high degree of trust, our team manages client accounts on a fee based structure.

With fee-based management, the client is not charged for each individual transaction. Instead, a pre-determined fully disclosed fee, based on the total value of the portfolio, is charged at monthly intervals. Our clients do not need to be concerned with the cost of day-to-day transactions, and know we are working hard to preserve and grow their assets.


Determine which fee based account is right for you: