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Your life is unique, and for that reason Kelowna's Zuk Wealth Management Team works to clearly understand your goals and objectives, helping you achieve success on your terms, for you and those you care about most.

Your financial well-being extends beyond portfolio performance. Our complete wealth management approach includes financial planning, insurance strategies, retirement planning, business succession planning, wills & estates reviews, tax strategies and working with your other professionals.

Our investment philosophy aims to maximize the potential of your portfolio when the market is up, and to protect your valued assets when markets are down. We encourage discussions about the world of business, the ever-changing complexities of the economy, and how we manage those risks and opportunities for you.

We share with you our long term stability, our financial capabilities, and our value approach.

Our partnership is built on integrity, exclusivity, privacy, professionalism and confidence.

We help to uncover what a successful financial future means for you, and then we create a disciplined strategy to methodically and securely get you there.

Our business is built on trust and integrity...the best compliment you can give us is a referral of a friend of family member.


Michael Zuk, MBA, CFA

Michael Zuk, MBA, CFA

Portfolio Manager

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Jessica Nouwen, CFP®

Associate Advisor

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Katie Knowles


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