As you make progress toward achieving your goals in life, you may discover your financial situation becoming increasingly complex.

Our team is committed to providing expert wealth management advice to simplify your financial affairs and build a sound plan for you and your family or organization.

Our services include:

  • Holistic wealth management services
  • Investment discipline focused on capital growth and a conservative approach to risk
  • Cross border solutions that make it simple and easy to live and work in multiple places
  • Private banking integration with the top private bank in Canada
  • Commercial banking integration with the top commercial bank in Canada
  • Tax planning and business owner planning
  • Estate and insurance planning and fulfillment
  • Legacy creation and philanthropic planning

We are looking forward to working with you!

Michael Skochinski

Senior Investment Advisor



It gives me enormous pleasure to offer this testimonial for Michael Skochinski.  Michael and I are entering our second decade of what has always felt to me to be the ideal model of a trusted, respectful, open and understanding advisor-client relationship.  In addition to his unfailing investment and financial expertise, what sets Michael apart from and above others is his exceptional capacity to comprehend, assess and plan for my individual needs, situations and aspirations, and deliver on those goals.  I cannot imagine anyone being more responsive or a better communicator.  He has my complete trust and deep appreciation. 

- Christine G, London, Ontario