Building and Protecting Your Wealth

Michael Lockhart's wealth management solutions extend far beyond investment council and portfolio management.

We view our clients as a select group of individuals and organizations, with an extensive diversity of backgrounds, cultures, ages and professions. In spite of these differences, each client seeks to achieve financial peace of mind and a lasting advisory relationship. Whether you are a business executive, a retiree, entrepreneur, or an established organization, this team can provide a tailored solution to your specific needs.

Discover how my team can help you meet the following wealth management needs:

Investing and Portfolio Management

Invest for growth, income and wealth preservation using proven investment strategies, custom solutions and a full range of investment products.

Business Planning

Invest on behalf of your corporation and gain access to essential solutions and tactics that can help mitigate your business risk.

Retirement Planning

Build your capital, protect your savings and expand your income with approaches and solutions designed for each phase of your life.

Estate Planning

Shield your estate's assets and make the most of the wealth you pass on by means of fundamental insurance strategies, charitable giving solutions and more.

High Net-Worth Portfolios

Gain access to the discretionary service, tailored solutions and individual support you require to effectively manage your assets.

Important Notices