Michael Kuzik

Investment Advisor

 Our clients receive:
  • The reputation and resources of Canada's pre-eminent Wealth Management firm, with over 400,000 clients worldwide
  • On-line access to all accounts
  • Regular meetings to monitor progress towards goals and to make changes as necessary
  • Access to Mike anytime 24/7 via e-mail
  • Setting up and administering niche accounts such as Locked-in Retirement Accounts, Registered Education Savings Plans and Tax Free Savings Accounts
  • Trade Execution
  • On-going cash management purchasing short-term GICs, money transfers, currency exchanges
  • Assistance in tax reporting duplicate statements to accountants, tracking down tax slips, capital gains loss reporting, sitting in on joint meetings with accountants
  • Assistance in estate matters winding up estate accounts, referrals for powers of attorney and wills
  • Assessment of insurance needs, if required
  • Assistance in business succession or selling
  • Access to mortgage and lending expertise at the Royal Bank of Canada
  • A host of local legal, accounting and real estate experts are also available by referral

The minimum account size required is $250,000 and can be achieved by combining various accounts. Please contact us with any inquiries.