Private clients

High-net-worth individuals

In some cases, our client’s family wealth has been passed down across generations. In other cases, it has been newly acquired by the first generation. In all instances, however, the need for financial, legal, estate, tax and investment advice is critical in maintaining and growing the family nest egg as safely and efficiently as possible.

Small business owners

Whether for business owner planning or business succession planning, many entrepreneurs require specialized advice that needs to solve multiple issues – and sometimes issues that are at cross purposes.

Healthcare professionals

Operating in a unique hybrid corporate structure, healthcare professionals benefit from the customized planning that is specific to the healthcare industry and its workers.

Business professionals

Many times, these professionals are unaware of the savings, investment and wealth strategies that can benefit this group – strategies tailored to their specific circumstances.


Institutional clients

Not-for-profit corporations 

Charitable foundations 


In all three cases, these clients work with and are accountable to outside stakeholders. For these institutional clients, understanding the range of investment options available is critically important. Equally vital is that they comprehend the objective processes involved in creating and managing investment portfolios that have been customized to suit the needs of the organization.