Selecting the best approach for you -

Some people like to follow their investments very closely, while others prefer a more 'hands-off' approach, allowing them to focus on their own business, travel or outside interests. Whether you choose to be involved or to delegate is a matter of personal choice. Either way, we can accommodate you.

The Discretionary Approach

This approach is most attractive to people who want to be involved with the broad investment mandate but prefer to delegate the day-to-day decisions to the Portfolio Manager. Discretionary Money Management allows for a very efficient approach to investment management, as trades which meet the client's objectives, can be executed on a timely basis.

Portfolio Managers are seasoned professional Investment Advisors who, through education, experience and quality of business are approved to hold a higher classification of license.

For more information on the 'discretionary approach' please see Private Investment Management.

The Advisory Approach

This approach is for clients who want to be involved with the broad investment mandate of their portfolio but also want to be involved with the day-to-day decisions. The Investment Advisor can only execute a trade after having a conversation with the client.

We provide a variety of investment account types, ranging from our trademark RBC Dominion Securities Advisor Account to the traditional non-discretionary investment account offered by all advisors. For more information on the selection of services we offer, please click on Products & Services.

A Winning Combination.....

Specialized wealth management services incorporating:

  • Discretionary portfolio management

  • Tax-advantaged growth strategies

  • Estate Planning

  • Comprehensive retirement plans

  • Financial plans - for clients with complex needs