Our steps to ensuring a safe and efficient voyage

Our proven compass approach is the key to our success in helping our clients and their families reach their desired future destinations. The steps of our process include:

Assessing where you are today

Understanding where you wish your journey to take you and your family

Charting a safe, efficient course for you and your family using our wealth management compass

Continually monitoring your journey and make any course corrections needed to adjust for changing circumstances as needed

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Investment management services
  • Discretionary investment management
  • Non-discretionary investment management
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Our investment management process
  • Client discovery
  • Creating a financial plan
  • Will and estate review
  • Insurance review
  • Investment strategy
  • Investment portfolio
  • Ongoing communications
  • Regular reviews

It all starts with you


Our personal approach and personalized service centres on you, and it begins with getting to know you, your needs, and your goals.

How we serve your wealth in its entirety


Our full-scope service offering brings together the best in professional investment portfolio management and comprehensive planning in all areas of wealth through strategic partnering with best-class-specialists throughout our robust RBC network.

planning, partnering, portfolio management.

Professional investment management

Multi-generational support

Risk management

Wealth protection

Retirement income planning

Will and estate planning

Comprehensive financial planning

Charitable giving and philanthropy

Tax planning 

Financial literacy

Legacy planning

Coordinating everyday banking needs

Optimizing business wealth

Group pensions and retirement savings plans

Credit and lending solutions