Our Consistent and Enduring Investment Beliefs

We believe in three rules to guide our investment decisions in all markets. These rules are to maintain objectivity, manage risk, and invest in a tax-efficient way.

Maintain Objectivity:

Today investment world is fraught with potential conflicts of interest with respect to fees, compensation for advisors, and the products and services that are recommended to clients. Rest assured, Mike and his team believe in full complete transparent disclosure of any and all fees, as well as the disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest when recommending investments and providing advice to clients.

Manage Risk:

With the use of a disciplined portfolio management process, we construct and on an ongoing basis manage your investments. This ensures diversification across asset classes and within individual securities is maintained throughout the investment horizon of your financial plan. This ensures we are able to ultimately meet the long term financial goals you have set for yourself.

Investing for Tax Efficiency:

Many people focus on before tax returns when evaluating performance on their investments. In fact, fees must first be deducted and then an after tax rate of return calculated to properly evaluate the best investment solution for a client's needs. Other strategies such as tax loss selling are employed to minimize your tax bill at year end. We work closely with your accountant in order to ensure all tax savings and deductions with respect to the portfolio of investments are utilized.