Mike helps you make informed decisions on wealth, health, and happiness today — for a better tomorrow for you and your family.

For private clients

Mike leads one of the only teams based in Northern Ontario that offers family office services to local clients. This way, he can meet the unique, complex and fundamental needs of wealthy families by offering strategic vision, objective advice, creative solutions and a coordinated structure to manage the human, intellectual and financial capital of a family.

Our wealth management services include:
  • Investment management services
  • Financial administration
  • Fiduciary services in trusteeship
  • Back-office support
Using a client-first approach, Mike conducts an in-depth 
and personalized high-net-worth client experience by:
  • Conducting a deep client discovery
  • Taking time to do full family engagement
  • Focusing on goals and outcomes
  • Nurturing long-term relationships
  • Engaging experts across RBC

Mike and his team strive to combine the personal advice needed by families with the solutions that RBC Dominion Securities has available to best meet family goals in the following categories:

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Professional investment management

Offering personalized investment strategies, including portfolio construction based on individual income needs, financial growth aspirations, and risk tolerance

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Financial planning

Developing and executing a tailored approach to make the most of your unique financial circumstances, including leveraging specialized expertise in high-net-worth planning, as needed

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Will and estate planning

Putting together plans that enable you to uphold your family’s lifestyle, even when you’re no longer by their side

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Retirement income planning

Coordinating a plan for healthy cash flow in your retirement years to support the lifestyle of your aspirations

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Tax solutions

Taking an in-depth view of your circumstances and using sophisticated tax-savvy strategies to help protect your wealth

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High-net-worth banking

Serving your most complex cash flow, credit and lending, business financing and leasing, as well as cross-border banking requirements

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Business owner services

Helping business owners develop a financial approach for today and for tomorrow, including taking advantage of relevant products, such as group pensions and retirement savings plans

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Legacy planning

Helping you plan for and allocate funds to the beneficiaries of your choice, be they loved ones or charitable causes close to your heart

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Private insurance

Protecting your financial security, enhancing your after-tax wealth, and minimizing the impact of estate taxes through tailored advice and customized coverage for your high-value assets

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Charitable giving and philanthropy

Guiding your giving in an effective and efficient manner to maximize your impact in the areas that matter to you

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Access to credit at preferred rates

Offering convenient access to funds by leveraging the value of assets high-net-worth clients already own, such as their holdings in non-registered investment accounts

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Planning for healthy aging

Offering solutions to help you plan for a long, healthy retirement. Along with finances, our planning also considers your mental health, physical wellness, future caregiving needs, and more

Family business succession planning

Donna and Norm are ready for the next step of their wealth journey. Find out how a custom business succession plan helped this family transition their business into a well-funded retirement.

Consolidating assets for a secure, successful retirement

Jean-Pierre and Sharon are ready for the next step of their wealth journey – retirement. Find out how consolidating their assets and a custom financial plan helped this family feel secure and excited about their new life.

Securing your children's future with an estate plan

A recent diagnosis jolted Denise and Kevin into thinking about the support their daughter, with disabilities, would need once they're gone. Find out how this family got their "house in order," giving them relief and confidence that their daughter will be supported.

For institutional clients

Investment management services
  • Discovery process
  • Creation of Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Investment Manager due diligence
  • Portfolio management
We provide strategic advice on:
  • Investment policy Asset allocation
  • Risk management and oversight of investments
  • Investment selection
  • Portfolio implementation Rebalancing

Rated #1 in:

  • Full-service brokerage by assets, revenue and profit
  • Private Investment Counsel by assets
  • Discretionary money manager by assets under management