How to choose the Investment/Wealth Advisor
and Portfolio Manager who is right for you

Begin by weighing these two important components:

1. Evaluate the company you are considering (25% weight)

Key factors:

  • The product they can offer.
  • The service the company can provide.
  • The fees the company charges.
  • The company’s size and reputation.
2. Evaluate the individual you are considering (75% weight)

Key factors:

  • Do you trust the individual?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • What is the individual’s educational background?
  • What industry designations do they possess?


Who I am

  • A devoted dad, with a seven-year-old daughter
  • A loving son, with a 93-year-old dad
  • An avid gardener
  • Someone who loves to travel
  • A soccer buff who enjoys playing, coaching and refereeing the game

What I do

I begin by getting to know you (by embarking on a discovery process).
Then, I become your unofficial “Chief Financial Decision Officer” by doing the following:

Creating your financial plan

Developing your customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • 75% - based on your situational circumstances
  • 25% - based on economic and financial markets outlook

Managing your investments:

  • Discretionary approach
  • Non-discretionary approach

Reporting back to you:

  • Whenever you would like to view your investments – through RBC Dominion Securities online access
  • Monthly head-office statements
  • Personalized face-to-face semi-annual reviews or whenever you need a meeting

Offering you complimentary family office services at no extra charge:

  • Business owner planning
  • Insurance needs analysis and solutions
  • Will and estate review (including Power of Attorney review)
  • Tax planning ideas and potential solutions

My investment review process

  • Review any changes to your personal situation or circumstances
  • Examine what has gone on in the investment world in the last six months, and how those events have affected your investment portfolio
  • Consider the economic/investment outlook over the next six months
  • Present potential tactical and strategic changes to your investment portfolio, given the outlook above and any changes in your situation or circumstances:
    • Potential asset allocation changes
    • Individual security/product changes
    • Implement any changes on a timely basis

What makes my approach unique

  • I offer discretionary investment management (as a Portfolio Manager).
  • I offer non-discretionary investment management (as an Investment Advisor).
  • I offer family office services as a Wealth Manager.
  • I am local and based in northern Ontario.
  • I “call it as I see it!”
  • I love to teach clients.
  • I err on the side of conservatism.
  • I’m not a “know it all” – I will get you the answers you need, when you need them.
  • I am very approachable with an open-door policy – feel free to contact me anytime.