Audio Commentary: Inflation, the growth outlook, and some thoughts on fixed income

May 17, 2022 |Mark Bayko & Jim Allworth

A discussion of the outlook for inflation and its impact on the broader economy and markets, as well as an update on our recession scorecard.

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Volatility and Silver Linings

May 10, 2022 |Mike Allington

Volatility has picked up noticeably in recent weeks, with rather large swings higher and lower. We offer some perspective on the recent market turbulence, address the issue of inflation expectations, and discuss a silver lining.

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Is the U.S. dollar losing its global appeal?

April 14, 2022 |Alan Robinson

We look at the concerns regarding the dollar’s status and determine if a change in the currency hierarchy is imminent.

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Will economic turbulence disrupt global equity markets?

April 05, 2022 |Jim Allworth

We take a fresh look at the seven key leading indicators that make up our U.S. recession scorecard, with an eye towards portfolio positioning.

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The Russia-Ukraine conflict and a new Europe in the making

April 05, 2022 |Frédérique Carrier

The conflict is driving a transformation of the EU’s economic and geopolitical order. Despite the dark cloud over Europe today, opportunities remain.

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Proceed with Caution?

April 01, 2022 |Mike Allington

Volatility has been more subdued in recent weeks, while bond yields and equity markets have continued to grind higher, despite the first inverted yield curve since 2019.

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Audio commentary: Fed rate hikes have arrived—what are the implications?

March 22, 2022 |Kelly Bogdanova & Atul Bhatia

Atul and Kelly discuss the health of the economy and the potential impact a rising rate environment might have on investors’ portfolios.

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Earnings and the economy will set the path for the stock market

March 04, 2022 |Jim Allworth

During market-shaking events, we would look to the path of earnings to get a sense of where equity market values are headed over the next few years.

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All eyes continue to be squarely focused on the military conflict in the Ukraine

March 04, 2022 |Mike Allington

All eyes continue to be focused on the military conflict in the Ukraine. Volatility remains elevated given the uncertainty in the wake of Russia’s invasion. Yet, many equity markets are actually higher than where they stood prior to the escalation.

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Net zero: What will life be like in 2050?

March 02, 2022 |Frédérique Carrier

The world is on a journey to net zero by 2050. What does net zero mean? What could this world look like? And what are the challenges to getting there?

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