Expect Something Remarkably Different

We understand that you have very high standards and expect something different – perhaps even remarkably different – from a relationship with your investment advisor.

In partnering with Merchant Moffatt Wealth Management, you can expect to work with exceptionally experienced, accredited Portfolio Managers who:

  • Are supported by a respected and financially-strong organization that has an array of international wealth experts and resources to meet your individual needs.
  • Lead a team of remarkable people – recognized experts trained to collaboratively serve your best interests.
  • Welcome the opportunity to work with your other professional advisors as you wish.
  • Consider the selection, as well as the formation, of tax-efficient holding structures that offer appropriate capital preservation and tax-efficient growth.

Most of all, you expect to work with someone who is dedicated to you and accountable to you – a wealth manager who works closely with you, your family and your other advisors to address your various financial concerns and ensure your interests are diligently represented.

Custom tailored services

As a client of Merchant Moffatt Wealth Management you will enjoy privileged, personal access to a wide and powerful range of specialized services.

Some, such as the E-delivery of statements and online access to accounts 24/7/365, are routine. Others, such as tax gain/loss harvesting and consolidated year-end reporting, are more sophisticated.

We are happy to discuss these services with you and, based on your specific needs, make them available. Rest assured that we deliver only what you want and only when you need it. The choice, in careful consultation with us, is yours.