A wealth program focused around families

Our program is built around the needs of couples, their legacies and the rising generation. We work to help you balance the day-to-day requirements of your wealth with the long-term priorities of your family and legacy.

  • Guiding families through transitions, retirement and life events
  • Implementing wealth preservation strategies to help mitigate tax, manage risk and optimize cash flow
  • Identifying tax-efficient strategies such as family trusts
  • Coordinating with your legal and tax professionals to follow through on your strategies
  • Disciplined approach to portfolio design and diversification to help protect your wealth
  • Insurance strategies to ensure your family is covered in the event of a sudden change in health
  • Access to a network of RBC Specialists including:
    • High Net Worth Planners
    • Tax and Estate Planners
    • Private Bankers
    • Business Succession Specialists
    • Insurance Planners


It's better when family is involved

Passing wealth to the next generation efficiently is a challenge in its own right, but just as complex is the challenge of passing down everything that helped you build your wealth – the prudence, values and overall financial awareness. It’s our belief that both of these challenges need to be overcome in order to create a lasting legacy.

Through our family-oriented process, we’re able to provide the rising generation with not only personal guidance and education, but also tangible financial tools designed for youth and young adults. In this way, we take a whole family approach to building and supporting your intergenerational legacy.

Services for children, youth and young adults that include:

  • Savings plans
  • Trust accounts
  • Investment portfolios for young adults
  • Guided family conversations to clarify goals and intentions

Structured education process for the rising generation, including topics like:

  • Goal-oriented investing
  • Budgeting and managing cash flow
  • Understanding tax
  • Credit cards and debt management


Additional features and benefits of the program

We work to understand and cater to the individual needs of each client and family, and as a result, over the years we’ve developed additional specialized capabilities that include:

  • US dollar retirement income planning for clients who are snowbirds
  • Solutions for business owners, including succession planning for family businesses
  • Periodically ensuring your will and Power of Attorney are up to date
  • Unique tools such as the Family Legacy Tree and the Who Gets What When document to help map out the eventual distribution of wealth, who is involved and how it will be taxed

Melanie Smith, CIWM

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor


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