Does your plan address the family wealth question?

As a parent or grandparent, family is central to some of the biggest questions you have about your wealth – you want to know that your family will be ok, not only in case something happens to you, but in the long run, once they take on the full responsibility of the family legacy.

But there is often a gap when it comes to planning. Questions about the longevity of family wealth and the readiness of the rising generation are difficult to answer through conventional approaches to wealth management. They require an additional level of expertise.

Over the course of many years working with families in Orillia and the surrounding area, we’ve built this additional capability into our team and our process. The result is a specialized, exclusive program designed to help you create long-term financial stability that extends to the rising generation and beyond.

Meet the team

Melanie Smith

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor CIWM

Jeanine Whyte

Senior Associate Advisor

Theresa Varey


Kristin Kiriopoulos

Administrative Assistant

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