Is your Will up to date? The challenges of settling an estate after a sudden loss

Mar 07, 2019 | Mimi Ramadan


Grieving the death of a loved one is often a painful and emotional process. When the death is tragic and unexpected, aspects of that process can become even more complicated.

Settling an estate can include more than 70 individual tasks, ranging from funeral arrangements, managing investments until they are liquidated or transferred, creating an inventory of assets, keeping detailed accounts, identifying and settling any debts, selling real estate and preparing and filing multiple tax returns.

The process generally takes many months - sometimes years - for what may appear to be a simple estate. And, of course, this work needs to be carried out during a very difficult time for the family.

We encourage our clients to review their Wills every few years and whenever they experience a significant change in their personal circumstances to ensure their estate plan continues to reflect their wishes.


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