The O'Neill Wealth Advantage is what differentiates our team within the Financial Services Industry. We view each client relationship as a long-term partnership. Our process, the O'Neill Wealth Advantage, describes the experience.


Vision Clarifier - Your current financial circumstances and vision for your future is clearly defined. We get a clear understanding of your big picture and what’s important to you while also uncovering your expectations and concerns.

Vision Summary - Your financial goals become our planning guide. This summary gives you confidence we understand your needs and vision and connect it directly to how we will move forward with a clear direction.

Strategic Proposal - You will be provided with a well-defined proposal which provides a specific picture of how your portfolio will look and how we make investment decisions on your behalf. We outline your objectives, our guidelines, and the Investment Discipline we will use to meet your needs.

Seamless Transition - We will provide you with a high level plan for how we will transform your portfolio from its current state to the strategy outlined in our proposal. We assure a smooth transition by paying attention to all possible implications in order to minimize negative surprises.

Roadmap Discovery - Your primary planning objectives, both short and long-term, will be confirmed and agreed upon. We will look at your complete financial picture, to create the most accurate and successful plan possible. Alternative scenarios and situations are laid out so decisions can be made with full confidence.

Comprehensive Financial Roadmap - With your goals clarified and planning objectives uncovered we present you with an individualized and comprehensive Financial Roadmap. You will have specific steps needed to work towards your financial goals, as well as a framework to evaluate your priorities and benchmarks that we will continue to measure against. Strategies to improve on your current situation will be introduced. We also offer education on important financial topics, and if needed, connections with other industry leaders who we can work alongside to ensure we provide the most comprehensive plan possible.

Connected Advantage - Your individualized quarterly report will provide an economic and global market update to keep you informed and confident your plan is adaptive at all times. Your personal reviews will provide a framework to measure your progress against your personal Financial Roadmap, and a platform to share your own changes of circumstance, new situations or adjustments to your financial vision. While we are consistently in-touch proactively, there is always a member of our team available when you need us.

Tax Optimization - Your plan is a multifaceted one which requires attention at all levels. Your returns will always be maximized through our proactive tax assessments, which may involve collaboration with your outside tax professional. In preparation for year-end planning, we review your current situation and determine any tax implications or opportunities which can be executed upon.

Roadmap Review - Your future is going to include many exciting new milestones and changes. It is important your Comprehensive Financial Roadmap is always reflective of your most current situation and financial goals. Your Roadmap Review ensures your plan is relevant, changes are accounted for, and the achievement of your financial goals is always in the forefront. 

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