Matthew Enns Wealth Management

Specialized Advice | Peace of Mind
Wealth management is essentially highly enhanced financial planning. It includes advice on your investment, business, and retirement-income plans but it extends well beyond that to include advice on protecting your lifestyle, minimizing your tax exposure, maximizing your income and organizing your estate.


Its an important distinction because some financial advisors will claim to offer wealth management but a closer look shows they are mostly limited to selling certain investment or insurance products. If your financial situation is more complex, you may need comprehensive wealth and investment planning.
In fact, even the very best financial advisor, acting alone, cannot provide wealth management. It is a multi-disciplinary approach involving experts in different areas, including investment advisors, financial planners, insurance specialists, estate planners, legal advisors and more. In short, while you may have one advisor coordinating things, you actually need a team of experts to truly deliver wealth management.  Matthew understands this and his clients have one-on-one access to the top RBC specialists in each of these areas - on a complimentary and ongoing basis.

Investment Philosophy


Simplicity | Safety | Defensive Growth


Matthew's investment solution is one of simplicity, safety, and defensive growth.  This means he ensures all of his clients have the peace of mind that only comes when they understand their investment portfolios -- where their money is invested and why it is invested there.  Matthew sees no evidence that vastly complex investment portfolios perform any better than simple and transparent ones.  Furthermore, he takes a safe approach. He wants to specify your unique goals and create a simple plan to achieve them with as little risk as possible.  And since many of Matthew's clients value preservation of capital he focuses on solutions that take this into account without sacrificing long-term growth.


But your investment portfolio is only part of the picture. Matthew knows it is very important to ensure your lifestyle is sustainable, your end-of-life affairs are organized, and that you are prepared for the unexpected -- so one-on-one access to specialists and consultants in each of these areas is complimentary for his clients.

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