We have been clients of Mary Woo and RBC Dominion Securities for the last 16 years. Mary is a constant professional and has served our financial needs extremely well over these years. She came to us highly recommended. Mary has gotten to know our family and takes a sincere interest in our personal and financial well-being.

We have referred family members as well as friends to Mary and each one is very satisfied with her knowledge, dedication and genuine interest to ensure a customized portfolio to reflect our individual needs.

Thomas Harrison


In regard to customer service, Mary Woo delivers.  I appreciate having a professional relationship with someone that listens, someone that stays in contact and someone that really cares.  I am treated with "Cadillac" service.  I like that.

Mary keeps me focused on my long-term financial goals.  She knows what I am trying to achieve and her regular monitoring of my portfolio to ensure I stay within the guidelines we established together.  It is comforting having someone watch over my financial well-being.

I recommend Mary Woo without hesitation to anyone looking for a professional, caring and intelligent Investment Advisor.

Kevin M. Doherty


Par la présente, nous aimerions attester de notre entière et pleine satisfaction face au professionnalisme dont fait preuve madame Mary Woo, noter conseillère en placements, à l'égard de notre portefeuille.  Elle est à l'écoute de nos besoins et ceux-ci sont bien représentés par les produits proposés qui rencontrent nos exigences et attentes.  Sa disponibilité et amabilité font de Madame Woo une personne d'un commerce agréable avec qui les échanges sont plaisants et fructueux.

Shaina Ismail et Alnoor Manji


My wife Carole and I have been working with Mary Woo for about 8 years now, since she first introduced herself to me a few years before that.  Over this time we have transitioned from Mr. and  Mrs.Ouimet to more simply Ray and Carole.  In many ways, this signifies what we both have come to like and respect about Mary.  Close relationships take time, trust and a strong measure of consistency for them to work for us, but even more importantly, I think, even more so for Mary.  That's because it takes time for her investing principles and long term beliefs to slowly sink in with the client, especially me.

Case in point.  When we first began dealing with Mary, we had two approximately equal pools of money between us.  I made a conscious decision at the outset that I would listen, and rarely challenge any recommendations Mary would make regarding Carole's funds, while I on the other hand, offered more aggressive input with respect to my holdings.  Mary, on the other hand, really never saw us as having two different sets of objectives, and from day one has always looked at our combined portfolios as the only important long term objective of our investment strategy.  Still, needless to say, Carole's initial holdings did a bit better than mine from the outset.  It took me quite a while to realize that Mary was right about ignoring the current market noise and not thinking so much about market timing.  You invest in quality for the longer term.  Mary has taught me to think more in terms of portfolio balance, think dividends, think value and about minimizing risk in recently more turbulent times.  We've done great and I sleep at night.  Now I don't think so much about the day to day  movements of the markets.

Raymond Ouimet


Mary has worked as my financial adviser and planner for over 11 years. She was recommended to me by one of her long time clients. It is with great pleasure that I write to you in recommendation of Mary Woo, an RBC Wealth Management investment adviser. 

Initially, we met in person to discuss my financial needs and goals and from there Mary developed a comprehensive long range financial and investment plan. Because I live out of province, we have regular telephone conversations to make adjustments as needed. Mary also sends regular email communications to all her clients about Canadian and world financial trends. 

Over the years, I have found Mary to be personable, approachable and very knowledgeable when planning and executing my wealth management plan. Mary has my complete confidence and I do not hesitate to recommend her to those seeking long term wealth management planning. 

Jan Steen


I would like to whole heartedly endorse Mary Woo and her exceptional team.  She has been with my family for sometime and has always steered us in the right direction.  Always open to answering questions, subjected to some great debates and reasoning of why things should be done in a certain way.  When Mary is unsure (which is rare) she will research, investigate the request and then she is able to come back with options and the best choice for her clients.  She has helped us with Estate Planning, Trust funds, Family Trusts, RRSP, TFSA, Global investing and so much more.  She is a real credit to her industry and a force to be reckoned with. 
I would also like to point out Jayne Pichler, Mary's associate.  She is exceptional, doesn't miss a beat.  Follows up, fact checks, reminds us of deadlines etc.  These ladies have made being with the Wealth Management Team at RBC a real pleasure.

Patricia Risch